Last Chance: Testify About Water Rates, Turn In Taxes

Register to speak at the Water Board hearing, and do send your taxes to the IRS.

Time always seems to be running out, doesn't it? There's no need to worry. Just drop by Bayside Patch on Tuesdays for weekly reminders of important looming dates and deadlines.

Testify About Water Rates

If you'd like to testify at , your last chance to register to speak is 5p.m. on April 25. You must contact Diane Easparro at the NYC Water Board. 

Of course, the biggest deadline of all today is the federal and New York State tax filing or extension filing deadline. Most people know that taxes are due today, but for practical purposes, there are different deadlines if you plan on filing through different means.

Taking Your Taxes To USPS

The filing deadline for mailing federal income tax returns is today, April 17.

The Bayside at 5p.m. on the nose today, tax day.

The Flushing location at 4165 Main Street is open until 8p.m.

Taking Your Taxes To FedEx

, at 4206a Bell Blvd., is open until 7p.m., which are their regular hours. 

There's also a FedEx drop-off location at the S, which is open until 7p.m.

Filing Your Taxes Online

Federal income taxes are due at midnight if you file online. 


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