Great Escape: Bell Plaza Sports Club

This week's Great Escape takes you to the gym.

Treadmills may be stationary, but they're also a great escape from the stresses of the work week.

offers guided sweating, with daily classes and personal training. They also have all the equipment you’ll need—on a 24/7 schedule.

Bell Plaza’s many amenities include 37 HD televisions in the “Extertainment Cardio Training Center,” free internet and WiFi, a private sundeck, and shower and locker room facilities. You can also purchase personal training sessions. Once you become a member, two personal sessions are free. Their trainers are not only all certified, but many have Master of Science degrees.

Simply filling out a form on their website, will get you a week-long free trial, so you can test out their “four floors of fitness” for your enjoyment. Not only that, but you could partake in one of their many classes, which include Zumba, yoga, spinning, kickboxing and more. There are also programs available online relating to fitness, nutrition and total body health.

Their facility is located at 45-58 Bell Blvd.


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