FIVE THINGS: Drunk Drivers or Patch App

December 27, 2011

1. I know it's hard to shake away that holiday mentality, but you do have to observe alternate side parking laws today.

2. Did you see the photos of Bayside folks who came our to our Festivus party? are, and are their grievances.

3. Our are over for the year. But that doesn't mean it's safe to drive out there. This time last year, a wretched person pulled a hit-and-run on my car, and I've heard friends with similar late winter experiences on the road. A lot of people are coming from office and holiday parties that probably drank too much to be driving. So keep safe. Maybe avoid driving long distances till the New Year is over.

4. If you got a smartphone this holiday (or have had one) you should consider downloading the Patch app to cradle your Patch addiction. .

5. Also, did you know that the , car damage, and other claims stemming from last year's Boxing Day blizzard. What an expensive snow storm.


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