Careers for a Pisces

How planetary aspects guide our professional life

Dear Yael,

I was born on March 15, 1978 in Vienna, Austria around 1:55PM. Lately, I have been very confused about to do with my career. I want to get involved in something, but I don’t really know what I want. I love the arts, music, and acting, but at my age, I’m not going to start building a career around these things. I don’t like work that is too competitive and stressful. Is there something specific that suits me according to my birth date? What can you tell me regarding my personality and my career options?

Thank you,                                                                     Anonymous

Advice Seeker's Chart:  Leo Ascendant, Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, Aries Mercury, Aries Venus, Cancer Mars, and Gemini Jupiter. 

The Ascendant describes your outward appearance, behavior, and mannerisms.  The Sun reflects your core personality and the qualities of your ego.  The Moon governs needs, emotions, moods, and habits; Mars rules defense mechanisms and thought processes; Mercury governs communication; Venus rules the world of love, pleasure, and desires; and Jupiter is the career sign. 

Your Relevant Houses: the 6th House in Capricorn, 9th House in Pisces, and 10th House in Aries. 


Dear Anonymous,

After carefully examining your chart, it is obvious to me that you are original, freedom-driven, independent, imaginative, creative, intuitive, and eloquent in your speech. 

Your in Capricorn suggests that you are very responsible and hard-working.  When managing others, you are demanding, but you also have very high expectations of yourself.  When you finally decide what to do career-wise, you will have a tendency of overworking yourself, resulting in a loss of vitality.  Keep this in mind and try to attain some balance.    

Since your 9th House is in Pisces, this implies that you are altruistic, philosophical, idealistic, and imaginative.  You are a visionary by your nature.  Use your imagination to fuel your drive, but do not get too caught up in this world.  A little dose of realism is healthy too.

Since your 10th house is in Aries, you are very driven, competitive, independent, and ingenious.  Since you cannot be contained and you march to the beat of your own drum, it would be best for you to manage your own enterprise and even work solo (so you can make your own hours).  You thrive off of challenges, but you need to be your own boss. 

Your Pisces Sun and Gemini Moon combination indicates that you were born with keen mental faculties which allow you to dissect problems from various perspectives.  Your mind is quick, agile, and receptive.  However, you are also unpredictable, indecisive, and too flexible at times. Your Pisces Sun gives off a kind, gentle, and sympathetic air.  You are a natural healer and wonderful listener.  Since you wear your heart on your sleeve at times, be mindful of individuals who take your for granted or absorb your energy.  Try to be more discerning with people. 

With a Leo Ascendant, you come off as proud, noble, sincere, generous, passionate, confident, powerful and courageous.  Watch out for a tendency of being too egocentric at times.  As you are a Leo rising, you are not suited for being a subordinate in work environments, as you are a natural born leader in your own right. 

If you were to work under someone for too long, you will feel stifled.  Your Leo Ascendant will enable you to succeed at anything you choose in life; your number one issue is making up your mind.  You possess enormous drive and courage, but now is the time for laying the groundwork and eliminating distractions.  You may be attracted to law (mediation), religion and spiritual matters, and travel. 

You have worked at balancing your logic and emotions throughout your life.  Your Pisces Sun (an extremely emotionally charged and sensitive sign) can overwhelm you at times.  Fortunately, your Leo Rising and Gemini Moon balance this tendency out, and allow for your logical mind to come to play. 

The following aspects in your chart may also contribute to your choice of career: Moon sextile Mercury, Moon sextile Venus, Moon trine Pluto, Mercury conjunction Venus, Mercury trine Ascendant, Uranus square Ascendant, and Neptune sextile Pluto.

Individuals with a Moon sextile Mercury are natural conversationalists, inquisitive, and interested in the world around them.  Due to their ease with the written word, they make excellent poets and writers.  They excel at all forms of communication, making excellent listeners, writers, orators.  They have a keen ability to pick up on the feelings and thoughts of others.  Thus, working in field of psychology may be one option for you.  You solve problems with reason and logic.  People open up themselves easily around you, and you are more than willing to help those in need. 

Individuals with a Moon sextile Venus possess natural charm and femininity that attracts a wide variety of individuals. They are imaginative, friendly, diplomatic, sympathetic, and non judgmental.  They excel as mediators, peace makers, and healers. 

Individuals with a Moon trine Pluto are natural psychologists since they possess strong insights into the working of human emotion and psyche.  They are imaginative, intuitive and perceptive, warm, caring, humorous, adaptable and flexible.  They pick up on the unspoken needs, feelings, moods, and desires of others.  This ability may help you do very well in business, since you automatically understand what people need.  Individuals also feel reassured in your presence, so once again, perhaps you should look in to psychology as a means to work with people.  You are excellent one-on-one, so acting as a counselor may also suit you.     

Individuals with a Mercury conjunction Venus make excellent writers and speakers.  They are well-suited in the performing or dramatic arts because of their eloquent speech.  Perhaps you can transform your love of the arts, specifically acting, into something more refined that will allow you to attain some stability. Look for careers that enable you to use your voice and speak to the public. 

Individuals with a Mercury trine Ascendant make stimulating conversationalists.  They are determined to reach their goals, and when the going gets tough, they continue to plow ahead.  Once again, this aspect suggests that you could be an excellent writer as you are at ease with all forms of communication and are well-versed in many subjects.  Your wit and curiosity permeates the page. This aspect also allows you to deal with others in a detached manner, which is actually a positive since you are not ruled by your emotions. 

Individuals with a Uranus square Ascendant implies that you need a career that gives you freedom and mobility.  You desire to contribute to society as whole. A 9 to 5 office job does not suit you. Since you are neither inspired by money nor material possessions, you require a job that enables you to live out your fullest potential of helping humanity.  You desire to work against social injustices and help the younger generation find their way.  Perhaps you should consider working with an NGO or getting involved in youth programs.  Your ability to listen intently and speak from the heart is rare.  Perhaps working in a field that allows you to do so on a regular basis will fulfill you long-term. 

Individuals with a Neptune sextile Pluto were born with great compassion and understanding for others.  They are receptive and imaginative.  Once again, this aspect suggests that you are well-suited to work in the psychological realm.

Your Jupiter in Gemini suggests that you are mentally astute, adventurous, open-minded, and versatile.  Once again, you require a job that allows you to evolve as an individual and give back to society.

Finally, I hope that my analysis will give you some food for thought and quell any concerns you may have regarding your future.  You have a multi-faceted and compassionate chart.

Good luck,


Steven Garrett July 23, 2011 at 02:27 AM
You were born to be a leader, and never a follower. Choose your love, hobby, past-time enjoyment and even business. Never ever give up...a well know formula for personal success. From one old man to a new-by.


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