Bayside Nominated For ‘America’s Most Interesting Town’ Title

A hometown celebrity has nominated the neighborhood in a Reader’s Digest contest.

Julie Chen, co-host of CBS’ ‘The Talk,’ thinks that Bayside is America’s Most Interesting Town, and that’s just what she’s told Reader’s Digest.

The magazine is running a contest in which regular people can weigh in too for a chance to win $1000, and a cover photo.

“It is where I was born and raised,” said Chen, adding, “It was so culturally diverse—I had Greek neighbors, Italian neighbors, Jewish neighbors, Korean neighbors and Irish neighbors—all in my small cul-de-sac neighborhood. It’s where I first learned about the similarities and differences between other cultures and mine.”

The former 'Big Brother' host attended J.H.S. 194, and St. Francis Prep High School, according to her Wikipedia page.

Bayside residents can visit ReadersDigest.com/America to share stories and photos to prove why Bayside is America’s Most Interesting Town.


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