Alleged Mother-Killer Deemed 'Fit' by Psych Tests

The results of psychological testing on Matthew Devlin, accused of matricide, indicated that he was competent to stand in court.

The man who allegedly beat his mother to death in her Bayside home, Matthew Devlin, was today pronounced psychologically “fit” to stand through criminal court proceedings.

Devlin underwent court mandated psychological testing, the results of which indicated that he was competent.

“It has all the ear markings of a psychological defense,” said Devlin’s attorney, Michael Anastasiou, adding however that he was “not prepared to assert that unequivocally."

Elizabeth Devlin died of wounds inflicted to her head—allegedly by son Matthew—after a Feb. 12 argument at her home on 215th St.

Matthew Devlin allegedly also went after his brother with a baseball bat, causing lacerations that were eventually closed by 35 staples.

He was initially charged with attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon, but has since been indicted on murder charges, since the passing of his mother in the hospital.

Devlin’s next court appearance will be on April 19.

Additional Reporting by Nathan Duke.


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