A Single Line or Toys for Tots

Artist makes exhibition of one-line drawing.

Yes, it's Monday, but it's a short week. So buck up and head to one of these events:

1. Join . Geared to children ages 3 1/2 to 5 years old, this group features songs, books and, of course, movement. Because who can expect them to sit still for too long? Interested parents need to pre-register for the event. 

2. On display at the Queens Museum of Art until Dec. 31 is , a photography exhibit depicting the toils of jobs of the 18oos and 1900s.

3. The Queens Museum of Art is showcasing the artwork of Claudia Vieira in the exhibit, , which consists of a one line drawing like you've never seen. The exhibit can be seen daily until Dec. 31. No time like the present though.

4. Speaking of not procrastinating, you may want to check in to soon.

5. That is, unless you're too busy hanging with your own tot at . 


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